1967 RoadRunner [RRR #2] SOLD!

Status: SOLD!

Smokin' deal for a cute vintage camper! Perfect for family camping or a "she shed."
  • Resealed and renovated. 
    • Renovated = Fixed enough to make it structurally solid, water tight, functional,  and attractive, but not a complete restoration where it's been so overdone that the price gets jacked too high and there's no room left for your own customization and personalization to make it what you really want for your needs. 
    • All new trailer lights and new wiring. 
    • Plumbed for culinary water hookup.
    • Interior newly wired for 120v lights and outlets.
    • All gas appliances (stovetop, oven, gas lamp,  and heater) work. 
    • Structural problems repaired.
    • Oak re-stained original golden oak color.
    • New flooring.
    • See below for Current, Before, and Work Completed pictures.
    Date Acquired:
    Date Posted for Sale:
    Date Sold: 7-11-17
    Asking Price: $1,900
    Sale Price: $1,900
    Text or call Steve: (385)233-7613
    Sold: 7-11-17

    • Length:
      • Camper: 
      • Bumper to tongue:
    • Title: Clean
    • Features:



    The Work Begins

    June 2017

    Lots of rotted wood under the bottom of the aluminum skin where my finger is pointing.
    A lot of interior paneling ruined around the bed as well. 

    The structure is all rebuilt in the back and put back together:

    New window installed, and rear all repaired and painted:

    spare tire painted:

    Removed the cabinet above the sink and found extreme rot. This is why the roof/ceiling was sagging so bad that the closet door couldn't open:

    Above the sink:

    This should all be solid wood. Rafters should sit on this horizontal board. Rotted all away. 

    "Raised the roof!" Tied new support wood beam to existing wood that is still structurally sound:

    Bench seat/mattress cleaned, repaired, left to air out in the sun for a few weeks.

    • Lower panel added to replace broken glass
    • New door knob and lock
    • New screening
    • Broken door frame repaired, aligned, and strengthened. Door closes well and properly now.

    New interior rear paneling:


    Oak paneling original beauty and color coming back:

    All "J-trim" removed and resealed properly with "butyl putty tape," which is the proper way to seal trailers (not silicone!). Rear painted and decorated. 

    The iconic RoadRunner tail-feather arrow re-painted:

    • A previous owner at some pointed mounted the under the leaf springs. Some prefer this as it gave it a higher stance which was good for extra clearance if used as a hunting trailer out in the woods and rough roads. Axle can be removed and re-mounted on top of the leaf springs in the original position, a slighter lower stance and makes the step a normal/easiier height to get in and out of the trailer, thought it's not any trouble to get in as is. 


    1. How in the world did you fix the door! We gave up on ours! We just couldn't figure out how to fix the hinge and everything else that was wrong with it!!

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